Onslow County Tourism, Hotels in Onslow County

Green Travel Is Easy In Onslow County

Over time, it’s been proven that environmentally friendly is not a trend; rather it’s a way of life that Americans and travelers alike are embracing as we continue to move towards a more earth-friendly approach, not only saving the planet, but preserving our health and improve profits.

Onslow County Tourism, Hotels in Onslow County

Leading the pack of socially responsible and environmentally friendly hotels in North Carolina is our very own Onslow County. With 12 Onslow County hotels registered as “green” with NC GreenTravel, North Carolina’s green travel recognition program and the most extensive in the nation, this eastern NC county is exceeding expectations and making a big difference by decreasing our environmental footprint.

What does it mean to be “green” in the hospitality industry? This practice will help reduce rising utility costs by using energy and water more efficiently and generating less waste. For example, a restaurant that serves 200 guests a day would save about 1,000 gallons a month by installing WaterSense labeled urinals. That’s enough water to wash more than 400 racks of dishes in a commercial dishwasher! Most importantly, it’s what guests and employees want and have come to expect, which is why we’re proud to say our hotel chains are stepping up and making a difference day in and day out.

Camp Lejeune and the United State Marine Corps are also leading the charge in becoming environmentally friendly. Over the years, the Marine Corps base has installed solar farms in an effort to generate solar power and lower electric bills, as well as meet meet the base’s increased power demands. Recently, the Department of the Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and Duke Energy Progress broke ground on a large-scale solar facility at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune with approximately 55,000 solar panels that will be installed on 100 acres. Once complete, later this year, this facility has the potential to produce up to 17 megawatts of direct current energy.

If a visit to visit Onslow County or Camp Lejeune is in your plans, don’t leave your healthy habits at home. Instead, adhere to the Travel Care Code and continue to make a difference in each place you visit.

Onslow County Tourism, located in Jacksonville, North Carolina, is dedicated to promoting events and businesses to local community members and visitors to Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, Richlands, Swansboro, Sneads Ferry and Topsail Beach. If you’re looking to relocate or visit our area, please visit our website for more information about local happenings.

Only in Onslow

Only in Onslow

As one of North Carolina’s oldest counties, Onslow County reflects a rich and varied history.  It’s also the proud home of the Marines of Camp Lejeune, New River Air Station, Camp Johnson and Camp Geiger.

The county has been graced with an extraordinary natural beauty: over 30 miles of wide, unspoiled beaches, waters teeming with an abundance of marine life, forests filled with wildlife, and rich farmland to harvest.

Today, you can explore everything from military and historic monuments to beautiful waterways and beaches to friendly spots to eat and play.