Equine Country

Take The Animal Lovers’ Tour of Onslow County

Do you have a soft spot in your heart for furry and feathered friends? Take the animal lovers’ tour of Onslow County for a hands-on experience with species from Eastern North Carolina and across the world.

Lynwood Park Zoo

Lynnwood Park Zoo

You’re sure to see more exciting species from around the globe in this zoo and nature park than anywhere else in Onslow County. Start by exploring the pond and feeding jumping trout, then grab a map and take the self-guided tour of nature trails and exhibits, winding through the homes of wild sheep, deer, antelope, emus, prairie dogs, ocelots, and more!

Don’t forget to wrap up your adventure at the petting zoo, where you can get up close and personal with Japanese chickens, prairie dogs, and box turtles. Lynnwood Park Zoo is the perfect destination for kids and parents alike, looking for a great opportunity to learn and play in Onslow.

Equine Country

Equine Country USA

Who says dogs are a man’s best friend? The sweet horses at Equine Country are gentle giants who are just as fascinating as they are fun. Enjoy a wagon ride around the beautiful property to see the animals in their natural habitat, or if you’re up for a challenge, sign up for a day of riding lessons on the ranch.

Private, semi-private, and group lessons are available. You can even make a trip of your Equine Country experience and retreat to their secluded cabin for a weekend getaway.

Possumwood Acres

Possumwood Acres

This working wildlife sanctuary is home to hundreds of wild animals who are in need of sanctuary. Wildlife professionals take in and care for injured and orphaned wild animals and birds throughout the year, saving lives and educating families from Onslow County and beyond about their resident animal ambassadors. Discover the once in a lifetime opportunity of viewing these incredible species up close and learning about the animals who inhabit Eastern North Carolina. You can also use of love of animals to make a difference as Possumwood Acres is always looking for dedicated volunteers.   Visit their website www.possumwoodacres.com for more information.

From horses to fish to injured wildlife, there is something for everyone in Onslow County. Visit Onslow County Tourism online at www.onlyinonslow.com for more information on things to do and places to visit here in Jacksonville, Swansboro, Richlands and surrounding areas.

Onslow County Tourism

Onslow County Tourism

As one of North Carolina’s oldest counties, Onslow County reflects a rich and varied history.  It’s also the proud home of the Marines of Camp Lejeune, New River Air Station, Camp Johnson and Camp Geiger.

The county has been graced with an extraordinary natural beauty: over 30 miles of wide, unspoiled beaches, waters teeming with an abundance of marine life, forests filled with wildlife, and rich farmland to harvest.

Today, you can explore everything from military and historic monuments to beautiful waterways and beaches to friendly spots to eat and play.